Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bethany Dillon Hallelujah (Acoustic) Transcription

Hello and another transcription, this one a song by Bethany Dillon, Hallelujah (Acoustic version).  I transcribed it from the the recording on Youtube.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

"Wonderfully Made" Transcription

Just wanted to share a transcription I just finished as a project - Wonderfully Made, by Ellie Holcomb.  It's for anyone who might find it handy - the song (as of yet) doesn't have any kind of Lead Sheet, just a chart, so I transcribed it (mainly due to an abundance of time I now have on my hands).  

Enjoy, and stay safe!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

First Date - Indicated Sounds for Piano Conductor, Keys 2 & 3

All the Patches in Keys books [remember K2 is also Guitar 2, K3 is also Reeds]

1. The One
Piano/Conductor: Piano, RH The One Guitar (transpose 8vb)/LH Synth Bass (OD Rhodes) Split, RH The One Guitar E5 and above, Piano D#5 and below Split
K2: [Electric guitar]
K3: Overdriven Rhodes w/dly, Warm Pad, Marcato Strings, Modern Stg pad

2. First Impressions
Piano/Conductor: Piano, Organ (Leslie On and Off at specific points)
K2: [Electric guitar]
K3: [Bari sax]

3. Bailout #1 - use Track or
Piano/Conductor: Trans Synth
K2: RH/LH split -RH 80s Orchestra Hit – above C3 “Circuit Dialogue” transpose 8va/LH Synth Bass – sounds 8vb
K3: Synth Strings + 8vb

4. The Girl For You
Piano/Conductor: Piano, Harp, Celeste, Piano Bandoneon, Harpsichord
K2: Big Strings (both hands), Xylophone/banjo split, Brass, Xylophone, Chamber String Ensemble, Pipe Organ, Glock (sounds 8va)/Warm Strings split, Pizz Strings, Vibes/Marcato Strings split, Banjo/Brass split
K3: [Clarinet]

4a. The Girl For You Playoff
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: Banjo/Tuba split
K3: [Clarinet]

5. The Awkward Pause
Piano/Conductor: RH 12 String Patch F1 to ---/LH Crotales – sounds +4 octaves C0-Bb0
K2: [Acoustic Guitar]
K3: [Awkward Flute][seriously, that’s what’s indicated]

5a. Blaze
Piano/Conductor: Harpsichord
K2: Xylophone
K3: [Flute]

5b. Lauren’s Entrance #1
Piano/Conductor: Vibes
K2: Tacet
K3: Tacet

5c. Gabe Entrance #1
Piano/Conductor: Clav (sounds 8vb)
K2: Bright Stage Rhodes
K3: Tacet

6. Allison’s Theme #1
Piano/Conductor: Piano, Harp (Sounds 15vb), Piano
K2: Harp, Glock (sounds 8va)/Celeste (sounds 8va) split , Warm Strings
K3: [Flute]

7. The WWW is Forever
Piano/Conductor: Piano, Pizz Stgs
K2: Pizz Strings, Strings, Piatti, Timp roll/hit/”boing”, m. 51 gunshot “whiz by”, Typewriter 1/Computer Keyboard split, Typewriter 2/Computer Keyboard Split
Harp triggers m 96-102, C6 Harp gliss
K3: [Soprano Sax]

7a. The Touch
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: Tacet
K3: Tacet

8. Can’t Help But Love Me (Slow Jam)
Piano/Conductor: MKSensation Players EP (Piano 1 + Dyno & EP2 w/chorus + Warm Pad)
K2: Sine Wave Lead (w/20% Portamento), (Omnisphere): Super Classic Bells, MASSIVE:Moog on Tape - Moog slide, Octave Strings, Synth Brass
K3: Tacet

8A. Lauren’s Entrance #2
Piano/Conductor: Vibes
K2: Tacet
K3: Tacet

9. Bailout #2 track or
Piano/Conductor: Trans Synth
K2: RH/LH split -RH 80s Orchestra Hit – above C3 “Circuit Dialogue” transpose 8va/LH Synth Bass – sounds 8vb
K3: Synth Strings + 8vb

9A. Lauren’s Entrance #3
Piano/Conductor: Vibes
K2: Tacet
K3: Tacet

10. Safer
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: [Acoustic Guitar]
K3: Omnisphere - Resonant chill (sounding 8va), Synth strings (sounding 8va)

11. I’d Order Love
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: Vibes, Farfisa Organ, Strings + 8vb
K3: [Tenor Sax]

11a. Gabe’s Entrance #2
Piano/Conductor: Clav (sounds 8vb)
K2: Tacet
K3: Tacet

12. Allison’s Theme #2
Piano/Conductor: Piano, Harp, Piano
K2: Glock (sounds 8va)/Celeste (sounds 8va) split, Warm Strings, Harp + Harpsichord (sounds 8vb)/Pizz Strings split
K3: [Flute]

13. The Things I Never Said
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: Solo cello
K3: [Clarinet]

14. Bailout #3 track or
Piano/Conductor: Trans Synth
K2: RH/LH split -RH 80s Orchestra Hit – above C3 “Circuit Dialogue” transpose 8va/LH Synth Bass – sounds 8vb
K3: Synth Strings + 8vb

14a. Allison’s Entrance #2
Piano/Conductor: Piano/Harp
K2: [Acoustic guitar]
K3: [Clarinet]

15. In Love With You
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: Bright Suitcase Rhodes, Harp, B3 316000052 (Leslie On and Off at specific points)
K3: [Bari Sax i think]

16. The Check
Piano/Conductor: Harpsichord, Piano
K2: Strings
K3: [Bari Sax]

16a. Gabe and Lauren’s Final Entrance
Piano/Conductor: Bright Stage Rhodes, Piano/Vibes
K2: Tacet
K3: Tacet

16b. First Impressions Reprise
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: [Electric Guitar]
K3: SAFER synth strings –sound in written octave

17. Something That Will Last
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: [Acoustic Guitar]
K3: Background Strings or pad

18. Bows
Piano/Conductor: Organ
K2: [Electric Guitar]
K3: [Bari Sax]

19. Playoff
Piano/Conductor: Piano
K2: Farfisa Organ
K3: [Tenor sax]

First Date MD Cheat Sheet

There are two versions of First Date available:

5 Person Cast
1 Man
1 Woman

1 Woman
2 Men

Man #1 (Gabe /Reggie / Aaron's Future Son / Google Backup / Stoner Guy / Friendly Therapist)
Woman #1 (Grandma Ida / Lauren / Allison / Google Girl / Female with Megaphone / Aaron's Mother)
Man #2 (Waiter / Casey's Christian Father / Blaze / Google Backup / British Artist)

7 Person Cast
1 Man
1 Woman

2 Woman
3 Men

Man #1 (Gabe / Youtube / Stoner Guy)
Woman #1 (Grandma Ida / Lauren / Facebook / Female with Megaphone #2 / Aaron's Mother)
Man #2 (Reggie / Aaron's Future Son / Instagram / British Artist)
Woman #2 (Allison / Google Girl / Female with Megaphone #1)
Man #3 (Waiter / Casey's Christian Father / Blaze / Twitter / Friendly Therapist)

Keyboard 1/ Piano Conductor
Keyboard 2/ Guitar 2 (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboard)
Keyboard 3/Reed (Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Keyboard)
Bass (Electric & Acoustic)
Drums (Trap set, Timpani (E and A), Rachet, Vibraslap, bell, Agogo Bells, Triangle, Mark Tree, Wood Blocks, Sticks, Brushes, Soft Mallets)

Track Info:
R & H provides tracks for 4 songs: the HipHop section of Girl For You and Bailouts #1-3 (Bailout tracks do not have pre-recorded backing vocals, however).  There is notated Bailout music as well, if you prefer to perform the Bailouts live.

They also provide a demo recording of The World Wide Web is Forever, which is handy to have as a reference. 

That's Why You Love Me (uptempo punk rock) - which is on the OBC - is replaced by Can't Help But Love Me (slow jam) in the licensed material.  I have not found a good recording of this song. 

The World Wide Web is Forever is not on the OBC album, but it is in the licensed material.  In some versions it was cut and replaced by the song "Total Loser".  

Website with reviews, etc. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I Lied!

After some experimentation, I've decided I like this format better.  Stay tuned for transferred content.

Friday, May 3, 2019

MT Auditions Repertoire List 2019

Here's a list of what singers were bringing to musical theatre auditions in San Antonio (they were requested to bring in music from 1990-present, most did).  Top three most done female songs were 'Live Out Loud' from a Little Princess, 'Breathe' from In the Heights and 'The Finer Things' from Jane Eyre.  The men didn't have too many repeats, except for 'What do I Need with Love' from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Latest list - Summer Gigs and Opportunities

Some ideas to get you thinking about 2018: here are some places to consider spending your summer months - getting experience and/or paid (ideally both). 


Aspen - Collaborative Piano (Instrumental)
Banff - Chamber music
Bowdoin - Collaborative Piano Program
Brevard Music Center - Collaborative Piano Program
Castleman Quartet Program - Piano Internships
Eastern Music Festival - Collaborative Piano
Encore Chamber Music - Collaborative Piano Fellowship 
Garth Newel Emerging Artist Fellowship Program
Interlochen - hires collaborative pianists
Hot Springs Music Festival - Apprenticeship
Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival - Young Artist Program
Music Academy of the West - Collaborative Piano
Norfolk Chamber Music Festival - Fellowship 
Tanglewood - Instrumental Piano Fellowship


Aspen - Aspen Opera Center - Opera Coaching   
Atlantic Music Festival - Opera Coach Fellowship 
Bay View Music Festival - Collaborative Piano Programs
Charlottesville Opera - Internship 
College Light Opera Company  - may hire accompanists
CoOPERAtive program at Rider University - Operatic Coach/Accompanying Program
Crested Butte Music Festival - Opera Studio Pianist
Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble - Rehearsal/Performance Pianist Apprenticeship
Glimmerglass Festival - Young Artists Program
Hawaii Performing Arts Festival - Fellowship Program 
Metropolitan International Music Festival - Apprentice Collaborative Pianist  
Miami Music Festival - Vocal Collaborative Piano Institute Fellowships 
Oberlin in Italy - Collaborative Piano Program, Assistant and Apprentice Tracks
Opera Neo - Apprentice Pianist  
Pittsburgh Festival Opera - Resident Artist Pianists   
San Francisco Merola Opera Program 
Wolf Trap Opera - Opera Fellows

Vocal - Art Song

Aspen - Collaborative Piano (Vocal)  
Franz- Schubert Institiut
Interlochenhires collaborative pianists
Music Academy of the West - Vocal Piano  
NATS Intern Program
Tanglewood - Vocal Piano Fellowship  
Vancouver International Song Institute

Musical Theatre

Berkshire Theatre Group - Music Directing Assistantship
Interlochen - hires collaborative pianists
Seattle Children's Theatre - Music Directing Internship
Summer Theatre of New Canaan - Music Directing Internship
Transcendence Theatre Company - Music Directing Internship


Interlochen - hires collaborative pianists


Interlochen - hires dance class pianists


Aspen - Orchestral Keyboards Emphasis
Cortona Sessions for New Music - Piano Fellowship

Monday, January 9, 2017

Uniquely cool opportunity

Nowadays so much of being a collaborative pianist is being versatile and entrepreneurial.  Here's a great opportunity to work - for free - with a group that has made a name for themselves for being both exactly that (and excellent, to boot).  
Some quotes from their page:
"Eighth Blackbird is excited to be announcing plans for a new summer training program, the Blackbird Creative Lab (“The Lab”), focused on both cutting­ edge musicianship, dynamic performance aesthetic and savvy inventive development.
The Lab’s mission is to inspire the next generation of performers and composers to share in the ensemble’s vision: to champion a distinctive, dynamic and engaging performance aesthetic.  This intensive, human-centered experience will immerse lab fellows in a learn-by-doing, exploratory process of creating new work. By discovering and developing an audacious curatorial vision, lab fellows will be launched on their paths as provocateurs and visionaries in the arts.
Annually at the end of June, The Lab brings together a number of artists and resources for an intense two-week immersion set on a secluded campus setting at the Besant Hill school in Ojai, California:
  • 30 Tuition-Free Fellowships, inclusive of room and board – 24 instrumentalists and 6 composers will be invited to participate each year based on their talent, technical proficiency, ability to communicate, personality, curiosity and creativity.  The tuition-free component is essential in order to be competitive with other summer programs and attract the highest quality fellows without regard to need.  
  • 9 Faculty – The 6 members of Eighth Blackbird will be joined by 2 professional composers of contrasting styles and 1 choreographer/director at the top of their field.
  • Guest Artists – Periodic and ongoing visits by creative experts in a diverse array of fields will added based on the selected fellows’ creative project proposals.
  • Key Partners – The Besant Hill School will provide the facilities and community connections that allow The Lab to achieve its lofty artistic, educational and audience engagement goals.  
Over the course of the two-week experience, fellows will participate in:
  • Coaching Sessions – Daily two-hour sessions lead by faculty and guests
  • Salon Hours – Gatherings before dinner for informal performances, cocktails and other non-musical activities
  • Guest Lectures – Structured and unstructured opportunities to talk about a variety of musical and professional development topics with faculty and guests
  • Individual Practice – Time for fellows to practice and study on their own
  • Performances – Two culminating public performances to be captured on video"

Apply now!!  Deadline is January 15th, 2017!!