Friday, June 5, 2009

Paid to Play - Army Pianist

They call it the "best kept secret" as far as music jobs go - being a musician in the military. This including pianists. It involves steady pay, excellent health benefits, and remarkable cash bonuses as well.

Job descriptions:

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Don't let the use of the word 'band' throw you.

It seems that the best-paying gigs that a classically trained pianist would be interested in are usually filled up, like accompanying the choirs of the US Army Field Band and US Navy Band. I did see that presently, Pershing's Own has a keyboard opening, but you need arranging skills as well for that job. And unfortunately, musicians DO have to go to basic training. Do a lot of push-ups if you choose to enlist. And read up on what BT entails. I found the following while considering the military (I was shortlisted for the US Army Field Band audition in April '09). Wrapping your mind around the ordeal will help determine if you really want to do it.

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