Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh, Ohio

It seems that library computer priviledges are pointless when you have rehearsals during library hours. I so need a laptop.

I'm still in Ohio working as a theatre pianist/piano slave. As of now, the first musical - put to bed, second one - in the works, auditions for the last one - coming up. Playing the first show, an Irving Berlin revue called The Melody Lingers On, was an ongoing project in that I was rewriting the score up until the last show. Most of the songs had crap accompaniments, and (non-jazzer that I am) I chose to write out stolen musical ideas so I could do *something* with the music. It was a lot of fun researching, actually . . . I had no idea ragtime conventions existed, for example. A few musicians I listened to:
  • I Love a Piano I liked Sue Keller's version. She's got a lot of stuff on youtube that is a lot of fun to listen to, and great for stylistic ideas. I got some blues ideas from Liza's version (well, her pianists' version) of the same song.
  • Change Partners - a great tune, by the way - I liked Sinatra and Jobim's take, and also this one.
  • Let's Face the Music and Dance - Beegie Adair was helpful to listen to
  • Let Yourself Go - Jeff Healy/Pangman and Kristen Chenoweth's version
The more I researched, the less I liked Bolcom's CD that I mentioned in an earlier post, which ultimately sounds square in comparison. For Puttin' on the Ritz I liked this one the best, although I didn't find it too helpful pianistically. Overall, the project was a fun listening and transcribing marathon for me. I made some recordings of the performances, I may post them eventually, once I lose the computing shackles. 

As for the gig, its been going beautifully. The people I work with are all incredibly talented and sane. I also like that the choreographers actually reference measure numbers when requesting music (as opposed to the "let's go from the kick-step-kick part" requests, which always elicit an internal sigh). This week I'm looking at doo-wop and funk piano. Love it.