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Pianist Jobs Resources, General
Updated Again - Summer Gigs and Opportunities  
What are You Doing Next Summer?
Paid to play - Summer Gigs and Opportunities, Updated
Piano Job Scrounging - the Big List
Resources for Musicians - jobs, fellowships, etc.
Paid to play - Summer Gigs and Opportunities
Find Some Choral Gigs . . .  

Business Cards/Resumes/Repertoire Lists - Advertising
More Creative Business Cards
Fun Business Cards
Eyecandy and food for thought
Business Cards for Pianist, Summer 2011
By The Way
Repertoire Lists and You
Pianist Business Cards - the Highlights
Business cards for pianists
Job Application Prep for Collaborative Pianists

Thoughts on Freelancing  

Updating the Resume
I'd Like a Show of Hands, Please . . .
Congratulations, It's Over!
The Pianist Tackles the Organ
A Few Months Ago
Outdoor Weddings and Pianists
Freelancing Links
Interior Monologue
The Last Four Years, Part I
The Last Four Years, Part II
Pianists and Wrists
Boundless Patience
Pianists and Bandaids
If resumes reflected what we actually do
Repost from Musician - Top 10 People Who Should Definitely NOT Join the Army Band
The Little Things
A Freelance Musician's Life
Thought for the Day
Pro Bono Piano - Another Perspective
Paranoid - or prepared?
Dealing with Ideals
Musician Meets World
This Vacancy is Not Vacant
Holidays and Musicians
Oh, the Humanity
Collaborative But Solo
From Academia to Freelance . . . Down the Rabbit Hole
Paid to Sell Pianos (?)
Collaborative Piano outside Academia - a different...
Collaborative Pianist or Accompanist?
Paid to Play - Army Pianist

Grad School Thoughts
Baroque Music
New Project
2nd Time Around

Collaborative Piano Resources and Stuff (related to classical vocal and instrumental playing)
NPR Article about pianists and stagefright 
Practice Techniques
Page-Turning Links
A Brief Guide to Page Turners, Updated
Collaborative Piano Internship and Fellowship
Professional Training Workshop Opportunities
The "Proceed With Caution List" - please, contribute
Article Repost: Holding the banner high . . .
Standards within Standard Repertoire
5 Stages of Performance Denial
Article Repost, turn the page
These conversations really happen . . .
The Mezzo List
Want Some Suggestions of Standard Soprano Rep?
How Far We've Come . . .
Article Repost about Becoming a Collaborative Pianist
Careers for Pianists, Pt 1A - Further expectations...
A Brief Guide to Page-Turners
Opera Apprentice Programs for Pianists, Updated
Two Collaborative Pianists Walk Into a Bar . . .
Collaborative Piano Opportunities for High School
Careers for Pianists, Part III: Oh, the Places You...
Dear 1999
Vocal Open-Score Reading and You
Careers for Pianists, Part I: Expectations and Beginnings
Play and Learn - Opera Apprentice programs for pianists ...
Online music scores - free downloads!
Paid to Play - University Staff Accompanist
A Brief Guide to Page Turners, Updated 

Musical Theatre/Music Directing/Music Copying
Rock Musical Auditions
Crowd Control and Death Threats
Spring Awakening and Upcoming
Music Copying - before Sibelius 
Woodwind Doubling
Spring Awakening - All That's Known
Spring Awakening Band Info
Music Directing Online Book
Spring Awakening Research, Part II
2011 Tony Award performances
Spring Awakening Research, Part I
Music Directing Resources - New Masters Degree
Note to self:
Playbill Articles & Resources
Music Directing Resources
Article Repost: Didn't Get That Role? Don't Blame ...
MS2 and such
Mainstage in the Pit
Music Direction info
Music Copyist links
A Perfect Example
Other Pleasantries and Such
. . . You're Welcome  
No Rest for the Wicked
Oh, Ohio
Taking Stock
A Summer in Ohio
JRB Randomness
Dogs and Pastries
More Wickedness
Something Wicked This Way Comes
MT-Land and You, part II
MT-Land and You, part I
Musical Episodes of Note
Musical Theatre and Music Directing
Life of a tour musician/pianist
Make your Audition Pianist happy
Play and Learn - Musical Theatre/Music Direction I...

Dance Accompanying

Dance Accompanist Training Opportunity
Article Repost, Playing for Pliés
Further Dance Accompanying Resources
Paid to Play - Dance Accompanist

Church Accompanying/Repertoire for Church

Bach Research, Ongoing
Article Repost: Beware the wrath of the church organist
Daylight Savings Time - Alternative Title
Contemporary Christian Piano Playing for Classically Trained Pianists
If Pianists got Citations . . . 
Sunday Help
Freelancing and You
My Church Gig Top 5
Paid to Play - Church Staff Pianist


Pianos, pianos, pianos - in art
Beethoven Art
Kids + Stickers =
Piano as Art
Music Score - Paper Light
Whimsical Portraits of Classical Musicians
Topiary Piano
Pianos become Street Art in LA
Art from Music - Literally
Ballet Collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Buck
Piano and Bull Art Installations
Piano: Extreme Makeover
Painted Violins
Pic of the Day
Picture of the Day
Artist Drawing Pianos
Concert for Anarchy
Piano Balloon Art
Piano-Related Art
Piano Surreality
Piano Art Installation


Randomness Archives #2 
Music related randomness Archives, #1
My New Favorite Comic Strip
The Great Wakkorotti
Sheet Music Silliness
Musical Pancakes
An Edible Steinway
History Snapshot 
Pic of the Day 
Must-See Opera Videos
The Tell-Tale Hand
Off the Subject: My Drunk Kitchen
Repost: We're Halfway There
Happy Sunday
Victor Borge on the muppet show
Is it Just Me?
Best College Application Letter EVER
Huh . . .
Modern Music Fable #1: The Talented Shepherd
Sometimes I Feel Like This
Hey Kids!
Food for Musicians
Pianists Healthcare Bill
Mr Bean - Concert Pianist, Drummer . . . Chef
The Violette Vortex

Patron Saints

Our Patron Saint
More Patron Saints for Pianists
Patron Saint for Working Pianists

Piano Haikus

Haikus #3
Pianist Haikus, #2
Pianist Haikus

For Fun, Music Decorating, etc 

You Know a Musician's in the Kitchen when . . . 
Outdoor Pianos
The Old Piano Tree
Piano Bike - Repost
Piano Desk
Piano Purse
More Decorating Ideas for Musicians
Piano Rug
Decorating Ideas for Musicians
We All Do This
Failed Slogan 2:
Failed Slogan:
I See Bass!
Jury Week Relief 2*
Jury Week Relief
The Many Roles of Collaborative Pianists, Second Try
The Many Roles of Collaborative Pianists, First try