Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'd like a show of hands, please . . .

Who else has been directed to begin accompanying Christmas carols - as the room plunges into total darkness?

Tonight was the second time.  I'm on the opening chords to "O Come All Ye Faithful", and down the lights go, until I can barely make out the chords. Fortunately, it was only me and the singers, who had the dimmest candle/light sticks on the planet.

My first attempt at blind playing was a few years back: as the lights dim to nothingness, as only two candles gleam, the pastor nods at me to begin "Silent Night".  I smile grimly and begin, hoping I selected the correct key (if not, it'd clash delightfully when the orchestra joined me at the top of the song).

Our job is uniquely stressful - and sometimes a layer of random 'you want what?' is layered in as well.  Be prepared*.  

*Seriously.  Have portable lights in your car.  I do, but noone told me the lights would go out during the show.