Monday, January 16, 2012

Must-See Opera Videos

These are rather silly, but pretty brilliant.

(if you like this one, it's very likely you'll like this similar video)

(if you like this one, it's very likely you'll like this video, as well)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Page-turning Links

As technology marches on, there may be one job that will become extinct: Page Turners.  The ipad is sinking its claws into many a player, as I type.   However, in the meantime, there will still be the need for those steely-eyed warriors who safeguard the page turn.  Some links that I recently found:  

An NPR interview of David Evan Thomas, who has page-turned for X, Y and Z.

Wall Street Journal's interview with Randy Knee, who turns pages at Carnegie Hall.

"All you never wanted to know about page turning!", an article written by Michael Hammer, also called  A Page Turner's Survival Guide, offers several ideas on the subject.

WNYC has a couple of bits on the subject: Turn the page - if you dare written by John Schaefer, and It's More Than Just Turning Pages, an interview of Carnegie Hall turners.  

Fun Business Cards

And the links to where I found them: here you go!

This site provided the following: 

Some fun ideas from this site: 

I found the following from this site:

Advertise for your studio:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pianists and wrists

"The Show Must Go On"


I have NEVER had issues with my arms, but after Tech week, I seemed to have inflamed a muscle.  Opening night is tomorrow, and I have an Ace wrist wrap on my left hand.  I can play like this - but by the 2nd act, my wrist/forearm is aching at a 6 on a scale from 1-10.  Advil helps.  An icebag (well, a bag of frozen peas) on my arm helps.  But my goal right now is to get through Sunday.  Then I can rest.

Owie.  Stupid arm.