Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Page-turning Links

As technology marches on, there may be one job that will become extinct: Page Turners.  The ipad is sinking its claws into many a player, as I type.   However, in the meantime, there will still be the need for those steely-eyed warriors who safeguard the page turn.  Some links that I recently found:  

An NPR interview of David Evan Thomas, who has page-turned for X, Y and Z.

Wall Street Journal's interview with Randy Knee, who turns pages at Carnegie Hall.

"All you never wanted to know about page turning!", an article written by Michael Hammer, also called  A Page Turner's Survival Guide, offers several ideas on the subject.

WNYC has a couple of bits on the subject: Turn the page - if you dare written by John Schaefer, and It's More Than Just Turning Pages, an interview of Carnegie Hall turners.  

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DET said...

Thanks for these links, Billie.
Last night I turned for the wonderful Malcolm Martineau in recital with Susan Graham. I made one mistake: in Poulenc cycle with mixed double pages and singles, I turned two to a blank page. Graham held a note until I was able to get it turned back. Good to be humbled occasionally. You're only as good as your last turn!