Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings Time - Alternative Title

Today's change of schedule should also be titled: Church Musicians' Worst Nightmare.  We try and get it around potential oversleeping in several ways: setting dual or triple alarm clocks, having back-up reminders from friends or family to ensure we are, indeed, awake by 7am. But somehow we still end up bolting awake somewhere around 4am, terrified that we've overslept. Today I managed to get in on time, but still felt a bit cheated as I arrive at my job at 7:20am (which still feels remarkably like 6:20 am).

And then the worst reality of all: receiving the Phone Call of Shame - a phone call that has roused us from a dead sleep, asking if we will grace the church with our presence that morning.  


May this never happen to you . . .