Friday, August 28, 2009

Pianist Business Cards - the Highlights

Finding a piano business card template can be problematic. Usually they are scattered throughout a large 'arts' category and depict improper or improbable note sequences (yes, we notice). Some cards feature random floating clefs, notes and staves - reminding me of my elementary school music teacher's wall decorations*. But there are a few decent cards out there. For those wanting a musically-inspired template, consider these:

Vistaprint has
Template A, Template B and Template C.

123Print has
Piano 1 and Piano 2. has
Example page - it is not allowing me to do specific links with any success. has Idea 1, Idea 2 and Idea 3. has Pic1 available in several colors and Pic2. has Image1 and Image2.

On the ridiculous side of things:
This business card cracked me up.
This one just looks painful . . .

*Although if you like the abstract, brightly colored look, try this card.

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Rach said...

This is SUCH a helpful list. Thank you for assembling and posting it. Glad I saw the reference on Twitter. Appreciate it.