Friday, April 2, 2010

Musician Meets World

I find the ancient Chinese curse, "May you have an interesting life" the most accurate saying in relation to a collaborative pianist's lifestyle. Our ever-changing musical partners and venues can be many things - but they are rarely boring. When a gig meanders into the ridiculous arena, I am occasionally reminded of a Friend's episode*. Mainly I'm thinking of the scene where Rachel, struggling to work in her chosen field, is complaining to Monica who is also struggling to work in her chosen field. A quick summary of the interaction, taking place at a diner where Monica works:
Rachel comments: "Oh god, I hate my job, I hate it I hate it - oh, I want to quit - but then I think I should stick it out - then I think . . . why should such a person stay in such a demeaning job just because it is remotely related to the field they're interested in?"

This earns a sharp look from Monica, currently wearing huge false boobs and a blond wig (as required for
her present job), who replies, "Gee, I don't know Rach. Order up! I got a Yentyl Soup, a James Beans and a Howdy, hold the Doody."

Their conversation earns a giggle from an eavesdropping customer who sympathized, "I've been there - I had to sort manikin heads at Manikins Plus" . . . (
the scene continues).
Monica's acute awareness that talent, training and experience are currently utilized doing [insert inane gruntwork] is a genius moment, while the costume highlights her plight beautifully. At some point or another, most working pianists have been there (gruntwork = $$ = good). In situations like these, the best way to keep a good attitude is to find some way of amusing oneself. I like thinking of dumb TV sitcoms, for example.

*Incidentally, this was in the same episode which shows Chandler feeding jello shots to his dog statue. This has nothing to do with anything. I just find it endearing.

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