Monday, August 2, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked

Actually I've been resting a lot today. Summer stock ended yesterday at 4:30am (or so). When a show concludes, something called 'strike' happens. They dismantle everything, pack it up, put it on a truck and clean up whatever is left over. My contribution revolved around the orchestra pit and erasing scores, but then I wandered around and assisted other tasks, which included folding up stage backdrops, pushing wheeled things up a ramp and onto a truck and stacking chairs. There was a lot of shouting and pizza involved.

I drove the 7 hour commute yesterday from Ohio to VA, and have been in a coma for over 12 hours, but wanted to update since I've been MIA since May. I return to my church gig this Sunday, and start up my 3+ academic gigs within a month or so.

I will definitely comment more on the summer, when I get my eyes uncrossed.

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