Saturday, February 26, 2011


A smattering of the offerings on Twitter, under the hashtag #accompanisthaiku

Dear NATS: your rule on
'Original copies' means
I play with one hand

No, really, it's fine.
I'll just guess what those notes were
on the last system.

No need to turn and
Nod as if I'm the butler
I'll play when you breathe

I'll be singing this
Song by Jason Robert Brown
(hold soft pedal down)

Improvise while the
Soprano makes up German?
All in a day's work

The Hal Leonard version:
Just like the older versions
But with worse page turns

Paul Hindemith wrote
sonatas for everyone.
I wish he hadn't.

Why is my music
more difficult than yours is?
Damn you, soloist!

You think that you are
conducting the choir yourself.
The organist leads

Nobody panic
The measures that you just skipped
Didn't matter much

You call me at nine
with audition tomorrow -
that's seventy bucks.

Critic in Row M:
I accompanied ably.
Last sentence is done

Acknowledge me, don't
Acknowledge me, just so long
As I still get paid

When a singer falls
Off pitch, off rhythm, off beat
I just play louder.

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