Saturday, August 18, 2012

Interior Monologue

Have you ever wondered what a pianist is thinking during a performance?  It's fascinating to watch an artist elegantly hovering over the keyboard, in perfect sync with their accomplice – but what is going through their mind? 

In the interest of full disclosure, here is a brief glimpse into the mind of a performing pianist:

"… I hope there’s leftover pizza at home … yes, breathe … that was a really nice phrase … wow, he’s never taken a breathe there, before … aaannd that phrase was wretched … fer-STUCKT not fer-struckt … turn the page TURN THE PAGE, Susan, I will cut you … oh good, thanks for remembering to give me a sec there … why is there a buzzing sound coming from my left? … crap, missed that fingering … whoops - missed note, pedal pedal, get rid of the sounds … my left foot is killing me - stupid shoe … Really, REALLY I messed that up after we went through it a billion times?!! … great, my ex is here to see this … "

And so on.  Now you know.


Unknown said...

So, so true!! Thanks for giving me a laugh!

Unknown said...

so, so true! Thanks for giving me a laugh!