Thursday, June 18, 2009

Online music scores - free downloads!

I've found several sites online that have useful music available for free download. I listed specific links to some of the repertoire, mainly to show that the literature available was unlike the typical "free sheet music" literature available for download. There really is a lot out there. So when you need the rep, but don't have the book handy - try these sites:

For Art Song Literature
Also try - Art Song Central
It has a crazy variety of links, such as:
Another site for Opera Literature
For Chamber music literature
Mozart chamber music and concerti
Brahms clarinet/viola sonatas
Repertoire for cello and piano (for these sections, scroll down a bit, after solo rep)
Repertoire for viola and piano
Repertoire for violin and piano
Repertoire for flute and piano

Examples of literature:
(choose BW PDF for black and white prints)

The Petrucci music library has all kinds of scores, as does this music archive.

Yes, it's legal.

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