Friday, June 26, 2009

Resources for Musicians - jobs, fellowships, etc.

I stumbled over this yesterday, and was very impressed:

New England Conservatory's Career Services page has several useful links. My favorite by far (and which has a free trial period during June 2009 - 5 more days to go look!) is the Bridge Worldwide Connection. Jobs (academic, church and beyond), Fellowships, Competitions - all are listed. It's $55 dollars to join, but highly worth it.

Here is their Opportunities and Resources page - provides great ideas

Music Career Handouts - several are free, the rest are $2 to $3 dollars apiece. They have varying information which look useful - examples: Grants, Teaching, Publicity/Marketing.

Their Music Resource Library has lists of reading suggestions according to subject.

Also - here is YAP, a tracking website for Young Artist Programs. It's mainly for singers, but its a great resource in general about programs, competitions, mainstage opportunities, workshops, and more. Your singer friends will love you when you forward them stuff. It's $60 to join.

OperaAmerica has a similar site, called Opera Source that also tracks the upcoming auditions and deadlines of all kinds of opportunities. It's $45 to join.

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