Saturday, May 8, 2010

Careers for Pianists, Pt 1A - Further expectations

Springboarding off last year's Careers for Pianists post, here are some updates for those interested in 'Staff Accompanist' positions:

From August 2009-present, the College Music Society has posted 9 full-time staff accompanist jobs.
  • Susquehanna University in PA, non-tenure track
  • Murray State University in KY, non-tenure track (and the Murray State University gig has been a revolving door for accompanists for several years now)
  • University of Texas-Pan America posted two openings: one tenure track (Doctorate required) and a 3-yr renewable position (Doctorate preferred) (this gig also is a revolving door)
  • Briar Cliff in IA, tenure-track (Doctorate preferred)
  • Viterbo University in WI, non-tenure track
  • Texas A&M University-Kingsville, non-tenure track (this gig also includes some class piano teaching, but I threw it into the mix)
  • University of Notre Dame in IA, visiting appointment
  • Arkansas State University @ Beebe, non-tenure track Instructor/Accompanist position
. . . and that's it. Full-time, secure staff accompanist openings are starting to seem downright mythical*. I also find it curious that the collaborative piano field has become so widely recognized, while the university collaborative pianist position (AKA staff accompanist) has remained the same (untenured, often part-time). Jut food for thought.

*Then again, this is the job market practically everywhere.

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