Friday, May 28, 2010

More Wickedness

With this show, I'm focusing on two scores: the vocal selections book (VS) and the actual Piano/Vocal pit score (PV). Between the two scores and my ear, hopefully I'll come up with an arrangement that I like. My criteria for "like" is that it sounds full/orchestral, it rarely doubles the singer, and it isn't too awkward to play (in hand span, etc). Since I won't be playing this in a Broadway pit anytime soon, I will be focusing on the songs set out to be solo versions. Keys are mostly the same.

#1) No One Mourns the Wicked - I like the PV score better for this one.
  • VS version RH lacks whole notes in opening four measures found in PV
  • VS version LH is different than PV score in measures 5, 7 12, 14 etc, since I find BOTH LH versions akward, I like PV because it sounds more like the recording
  • VS version RH sometimes "doctored" (m 4-7, for example) so that the melody is doubled more often than found in PV score - maybe trying to make the sound fuller to compensate for a soloist singing an ensemble's part? Not sure which I like better for a soloist
  • VS version RH often has 3 ledger lines - PV score just puts it in bass clef (too many ledger lines = bad)
  • VS version adds some music to replace all the dialogue is just m 4-10 with different words - then it modulates to C
#2) The Wizard and I - For this song, the two scores are 99% the same. Some chords spanning a 10th need to be altered or rolled. When they are mostly the same, I prefer the vocal selections version because it has fewer page turns and is visually much cleaner.

#3) What is This Feeling? - The duet version (VS) lacks the opening 'letter writing' bit and the ensemble echoing "Loathing, etc." Other than that the two scores are the same.
Vocal selections preferred.

#4) Dancing Through Life - This song has some inconsistencies between the two scores. Prefer the PV score.
  • VS version has typos in measures 17 and 19 - for some reason there are B naturals which aren't in the PV score, nor could I hear B naturals on the CD
  • VS version LH measure 18 has F's instead of D's (as heard on CD)
  • VS version is missing a chord on the first beat of m 23
  • VS version "dancing through life, swaying and sweeping" lacks some rhythmic chords found in the PV version . . . . . . The differences go on.
#5) Popular
  • VS version is missing the LH skipping on the eighth notes in m. 31 (I'll help you be), m. 33 (You'll hang with the) - but then they put them in on the 2nd time around . . . weird
Other than that - pretty much exactly the same. Prefer the vocal selections.

#6) I'm Not That Girl - exactly the same. Prefer the
vocal selections.

#7) One Short Day
  • VS opening and middle sections is understandably altered for a solo version
  • PV score goes to 2/4 for some reason . . . VS stays in 4/4
Other than that - the same. I'm slightly astounded. Still prefer the vocal selections.

#8) Defying Gravity
  • VS is missing the opening "Something has changed within me" bits and skips to right before Elphaba begins singing
  • VS is a solo version that changes the lyrics of the middle bit (instead of 'Together we're unlimited' it says 'My future is')
  • VS transposes the 'My future is' middle bit from A major to Gb major
  • VS changes lyrics 'Just you and I. . . defying gravity' to 'Up in the sky . . . etc' and changes key from Bb minor to G# minor
  • Somehow the VS ends up in the same key as the PV score
VS score is great, assuming the keys are OK with the singer

#9) I Couldn't Be Happier - PV score has this labeled "Thank Goodness, Part III." Other than that - the same. Prefer the
vocal selections.

Will finish soon -

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