Friday, February 11, 2011

Mainstage in the Pit

Tech week (theatre code for: don't have any other plans*) completed, Ragtime goes up tonight.  With any luck, the cast won't drive the Model T into the set.

At Goodspeed's MDI I learned about the program Mainstage - and wanted to put that knowledge to use immediately - so this is the first time I'll be using Mainstage2 for a show.  All the patches are set up through the program on my laptop, its connected to a Yamaha S90 - and I switch patches with a footswitch.  Its a lot easier than patch switching with my hands, and I'm really happy with the results.  Figuring out Mainstage was mostly a time issue - I'm little better than a monkey at computers, but I got my set-up to work.  It also helped to browse Apple Support Discussions on Mainstage and watch tutorials.  

*Music Theatre Dictionary's definition of tech week:

Tech Week -noun- A hellish time in which one learns to hate the entrappings of a theatre.   
   "If belting a string of E flats doesn't kill me, tech week will."


Geraldine said...

Break a leg! Happy opening!

Rhonda Berlin Music said...

Break a leg! And please post again to let us know what you think of Mainstage.