Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jim Henson's Memorial

As a lifelong fan of Jim Henson*, I feel compelled to post this youtube video of Jim Henson's memorial service, feature a slew of muppeteers singing Jim's favorite songs for his memorial service.  Enjoy!!!

*Honestly, this is all i want at my funeral - people acknowledging the things and the music that made me happy.  It's wonderful.


Janet said...

Wow, what a great tribute. Thanks for posting this. They all looked like they have such a powerful bond. The muppets are the most creative group of people and I can imagine Jim Henson's influence. (It makes me want to be a muppeteer.) I can't wait to see the documentary "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey." Kevin Clash's story is as amazing as the voices he gives to his characters.

Mark Bilyeu said...

I wandered upon this clip (and the others from the memorial), and couldn't stop crying through most of it. Just think how one man's passion affected so many people in such a positive way!