Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Throat and the Tempo

Once upon a time there was a singing princess who had difficulty keeping a steady rhythm, who often would get slower and slower when she sang with any kind of accompaniment.  Occasionally she found tempos too fast for her liking, but was unable to indicate the tempo she preferred. In an attempt to help with this problem, a wise man gave her an Enchanted Box that provided a steady ticking sound.  The princess was shocked at this Enchanted Box, and was amazed at its ability to keep her music going forward at a steady pace.  She was the only one among her singing companions to carry one.  “Why”,  she asked, “are these not more common?”  Shrugs and blank looks met her query.  She lost it shortly thereafter and did not bother to replace it.

The moral:  
. . . singers.

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