Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Update

Okay, so I realize I haven't updated this for awhile*, so here's the latest since the move.  My husband an I are now living in San Antonio, TX - we bought a house in December(!), we got a puppy(!), we actually own furniture(!!!) - and since moving here I've amassed a few professional ties.  Here's what I've been up to:

Church gig - I'm at another Methodist Church, and this time around I get to play the organ - which has been an interesting beast to tackle.  The organ is surprisingly different from the piano, and I've been learning about registrations, pedaling and more.  This'll take a separate post to do justice to it - but I've been having fun, I love my new church, and the music director is wonderful.

The Playhouse - This is one of the few theatre gigs I've actually gotten by applying.  I just sent in a resume, not expecting anything, but they asked me in to interview - and I said that'd I'd prefer to play in the pit at this point and maybe do Assistant MD'ing eventually.  I got a call in February, and have been hooked up ever since.

Community Theatre - It is alive and well, here in San Antonio, and I've had opportunities here, also.  Strangely enough, it pays better here than in Northern Virginia/DC.  Who knew?

High Schools. etc
Through some networking on Facebook, I've been hooked up with HS and MS choral directors here. The bands and choirs here are excellent, and I've enjoyed playing for concerts and UIL's (stands for University Interscholastic League, its Texas's version of judging musicians).  I've been really impressed with the quality of musicianship.

And finally, I'm going to UTSA this fall to get a second masters's in solo piano performance.  My first two degrees were in Collaborative Piano (strange, I know) - mainly due to my disinterest in solo repertoire (strange, I know) - but I think I'm ready for this challenge.  I have an assistantship, so it's basically free.  Will it improve my salary?  Ha.  Will it improve my life and enjoyment of playing music?  Most definitely.  

The only other exciting thing is that I have my own music office now, with a set-up for a 'finale-ing keyboard' and everything.  It's silly, but I find it incredibly helpful to have a separate place to work in from the rest of the house.  

Hope you all are having a great summer!!

*Thanks for the nudge, Dad

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